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Stop Letting Stress Sabotage Your Weight

Your Stress-Relief and Weight Relief Action Plan


Did you know that stress affects your ability to lose weight?

So how can you lose weight when you are stressed?

Stress can trigger inflammation, change sleep habits and change the way your body holds on to fat.

It's time to get your

stress-relief and weight release action plan!

I will teach you some of the easiest tools to lower your stress so that your body can release the weight.

Sounds like a plan, my friend?


Meet the Coach

Hi, I’m Gaby Velasco!

Hi there, nice to meet you! Allow me to introduce myself briefly. My name is Gabriela Velasco, and I am incredibly lucky to be married with three beautiful adult children and one darling grandchild. I count my blessings every day!

However, after a decade-long battle with all-consuming chronic pain, I barely had the energy to talk with my family or friends, much less give them the love they deserved.

I know how you’re feeling right now because I once was you – dazed, depressed, hopeless, and fatigued – a shell of your former self. There was a time when I found myself questioning if life was worth it after years of self-blame, missed opportunities, and an aching body/mind. That was the breaking point.

What followed was a challenging journey of self-discovery, renewal, exploration, and ultimately – recovery. With this newfound lease on life, I knew I had to give back. I trained to become a Health, Life, and Functional Holistic Coach. Ever since, I’ve strived to share my experience with others and help alleviate their pain, restore confidence, and remind them that pain is not for life. More than anything, I want you to know that you’re not alone. You already have everything you need to overcome pain, I’m here to help you unlock that power.

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My Coach Gaby

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