Spend More Time With Friends

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Spend More Time With Friends

There’s no doubt about it; life is definitely busy. With all sorts of advancements in technology, people are more connected to their families, work and television shows than ever. At the swipe of a thumb or forefinger, you can reveal the secrets of the ages, or look at a picture of your cousin’s wedding dress, but is that really being social? While it’s clear that advancements have made it possible for us to view information, people don’t interact directly as much as before.

Friends Give You Perspective

When you spend time with your friends, they can offer unique and penetrating insights on things in your life. Friends who know you well are the best for this, because they are more likely to have your best interests at the forefront of their concern. They can be an excellent outside observer for you in situations where you find it difficult to look outside yourself. When you’re making decisions that seem questionable, they can give you a heads up on whether or not you should be rethinking some choices. Above all else, they can also be an excellent support when you’re doing well, and you’ll have some people to share those powerful and fulfilling moments with.

You’re Likely to Be Physical

When you get to spend time with friends, you will generally end up doing more physical activity, whether it be going on walks, going hiking, seeing a show, going dancing, or going shopping. Having more people around means that you will have a lot more opportunity to get out of the house and experience what your area must offer. Friends can encourage you to make healthier choices as well as cut loose at the appropriate times, and if you’re out you might even meet some new cool people!

It’s Good For Mental Health

In the animal kingdom, it’s almost always a negative thing for living beings to be isolated. Heavy isolation can cause a multitude of mental and physical issues which can create paranoia, and short lifespans. The same things can happen to people as well, so it’s always a good thing to have a few positive, motivated people in your life that can help to encourage you to seek positive behaviors from time to time. If you’re feeling sad, sick, or lonely, it’s always a good idea to just pick up the phone and call.

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