Here is what clients say about working with Gaby

I had the pleasure of beings coached by Gaby shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began and our world was turned upside down. She guided me through a cleanse program and was very supportive and knowledgeable.

I remember feeling anxious about how my body would react but her joyful and supportive personality was just what I needed to keep me accountable and follow through. She was able to stretch me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow. Gaby is a beautiful heart-centered coach and I feel very grateful to have. worked with her.
Arti Joshi
She always helps me and my family to find solutions and gives us the help we need, I am very grateful for having as support and guidance such a beautiful person that she is and God bless her forever.
Ana Lucero
I highly recommend Gaby Velasco, the sessions with her are of high quality and productive, my life took a 360 ° turn, fibromyalgia is under control and without imagining in a very simple way I lost 25 pounds, I feel happy and full of life I never thought that it would be like this. With a lot of empathy and without pressure, he helped me to obtain this change. Thank you very much!
Celeste Gonzalez
During the beginning of the pandemic I was really struggling with my anxiety and depression. I felt lost as if there was no help. Until I met Gaby. She is such a sweet & caring person. She will always be there to support you no matter your personal issues. She guided me through exercises to help with my anxiety and always kept me accountable and made sure I was on the correct path to success. I am very grateful for everything Coach Gaby has shown me and helped me through. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else!
I love working with Coach Gabi! For the past year, she has helped me with some significant breakthroughs. She listens to my concerns without judgement, and gently guides me through the tough spots to find the answers I need. She calms me when I'm ruffled, supports me when I'm down, and ever-go-gently nudges me when I'm being stubborn. I feel very safe talking with her, and it's because of her that I am living a healthier life.
Lorre George

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