How to Exercise When You’re in College

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How to Exercise When You’re in College

When you head off to college, you might be a little concerned about the ‘Freshman 15’ that so many people talk about. This is a risk for a variety of reasons, from the unhealthy food you tend to eat, to other unhealthy habits when you’re busy studying and spending time with your friends. However, just because you are in college and possibly in a small dorm room, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get in a good workout.

Join Fitness Clubs or Sports

A great way to exercise more while at college is to join clubs or turn it into a class. Many community colleges and universities have clubs for students who also have the same fitness goals as you. This might include a hiking club that go out a couple days a week, a marathon training group, or a club dedicated to playing tennis or going canoeing. This not only offers you an easy way to get in workouts regularly, but provides excellent motivation to keep up with it.

Wear Your Gym Clothes to Class

Many times, there is a gym on campus or nearby that doesn’t cost a lot, but going to your room to change is a pain. This can cause you to just stay in your room and study instead of getting back up to head to the gym. A better idea is to wear clothes you can workout in, but that are also appropriate for class. Wear them to class, then head to the gym immediately afterward. This really helps in motivating you to go the gym as often as possible.

Walk the Long Way Around

You probably know the fastest route toy our next class, study room, or library, but are there longer routes? You can increase the steps you take and calories you burn each day just by walking the long way everywhere you go. Whether this means walking up and down stairs more than necessary or spending an extra 10 minutes to get to class each day, you are going to get in some good workouts with barely trying.

Ride a Bicycle

Bring a bicycle to college or buy one when you get there and you can replace your car with it. Instead of grabbing a bus or driving to the local coffee shop where everyone hangs out, you can instead ride your bicycle there and get in some exercise. You can also ride your bike if you are at a big university and need to workout extra between classes.

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