How Stress can Trigger Infections in the Body

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Do you know that prolonged conditions of stress can lead you to develop yeast infections like candida? Stress ruins your life in numerous ways. It doesn’t only affect your sleep, digestion, and mood but also your skin. It is normal to get anxious sometimes due to some unusual happenings in our life. However, it is not normal to stay in prolonged situations of stress for usual or unusual reasons. Let’s learn about the link between stress and infections, along with how to control/prevent these conditions.

How Stress Triggers Yeast Infections

Have you heard of “cortisol”? It’s the hormone that causes stress. When a person is under stress, his body increases the production of cortisol. This hormone is so powerful that it starts to impact other hormones and organs in the body. Cortisol also impacts the normal functioning of your digestive and immune system while increasing the blood sugar level.

When the blood sugar level increases, the microorganisms find a perfect habitat to grow. As a result, they attack your skin and cause a white puss infection like candida. This type of yeast infection can occur at any place in the body but is commonly found in the mouth, genital areas, fingers, and toes. Also, these types of yeast infections are common in areas where the skin folds, such as the underarms.

Symptoms of Yeast Infections

Whether or not you are under stress, the symptoms of yeast infections would be the same. The most common symptoms of this candida include the following:

  • Itching and burning on the infected areas
  • A severe urge to scratch the infected area
  • Redness
  • Sometimes swelling

If you observe any of these symptoms on your body, make sure to immediately get them checked.

How to Treat Stress and Infections Like Candida

The treatment of both of these conditions is different from each other. To combat your stress, you can try different techniques and therapies at home. You can also try several good habits and lifestyle changes to reduce your stress. There are also some good vitamin supplements to overcome stress, along with antidepressants and OTCs (over-the-counter medications). Yoga, morning walk, meditation, and numerous such approaches can also help in treating stress. In extreme cases, visiting a doctor is the only way to get out of stress or depression.

However, the treatment of skin infections or yeast infections is not possible without taking proper medications. There are some over-the-counter medications that you can buy after consulting with a healthcare specialist. However, it is good to see a doctor if your symptoms are getting severe and beyond control.

How to Prevent Yeast Infections

To prevent yeast infections, whether you are stressed or not, try the following result-proven techniques:

  • Start using probiotics.

Probiotics are a great way to keep your body healthy and fit. The probiotics include the right amount of healthy bacteria that take care of the bacteria in your gut. They fight harmful microorganisms and protect you from several health issues.

  • Limit your sugar intake.

Pay attention to the amount of sugar you eat by avoiding foods that are high in sugar content. At the same time, avoid drinking unhealthy sugary drinks and other sugar-rich beverages. Instead, eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water and unsweetened beverages.

  • Avoid processed foods.

Several studies show that the processed foods play a big role in causing a number of skin and health issues. If you’re under stress, the heavy intake of processed food will enhance your chances of getting a yeast attack. Therefore, it is better to change your diet to lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Always wear under-garments made of cotton.

Those undergarments that are not made of cotton are a big cause of bacterial outbursts or yeast infections. Always try to wear cotton panties and cotton vests to protect your skin from several harmful skin issues.

  • Never keep wearing wet clothes, underwear, or damp socks.

Avoid wearing wet clothing for any length of time. If you feel that the sweating on your body has dampened your clothes or socks, change them immediately. Not only after sweating, but change your clothes, undergarments, or socks whenever they are wet for any reason. Wearing dry, clean clothes will help you in successfully fighting infections like candida.

By following these simple but highly useful tips, you can greatly reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection. However, it is also important to take strategies to manage your stress levels to enjoy healthy wellbeing. Figure out the cause of your stress and resolve it as soon as possible before it leads to several other health issues.

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