How affirmations can lessen stress levels

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Are you worried due to your every day or prolonged stress? Are you fed up with trying different ways to control your stress and bring your mind to peace? Sometimes, we don’t need several therapies and medications to alleviate our worries but just positive affirmations. Everyone likes to be loved and admired by himself as well as others. In the absence of such admiration, a person creates an image of himself in which he is useless and idle. This is the point from where your stress begins.

To combat stress, you need to go to that point and tell yourself that you are worthy and capable. You have to love yourself through positive affirmations so that others can love you too. No one likes to spend time with a depressed person, but everyone loves the company of a person who is full of life and positivity. Therefore, learning about positive affirmations is very important so that you can combat your every day or prolonged stress levels.

What are Affirmations and How Do They Affect Us?

Affirmations are the positive statements that greatly help in getting rid of your negative thoughts while feeling good about yourself. Words are very powerful, and so are the thoughts. The way you think is the way you become. If you believe you are confident and have a high self-esteem, that’s what you’ll show to the world. Likewise, if you believe you don’t deserve happiness, that’s the person the world sees.

Affirmations can be either positive or negative. All the negative self-talk we say to ourselves can be turned into positive talk/affirmations with a little practice. Sometimes, we know that we can do something, but due to fear, we start telling our mind that it is so difficult and we can’t do it. As a result, we fail to do it because we feed the negative thought to our minds and end up getting stressed. In the same way, feeding good thoughts to your mind helps you accomplish your goals and get greater peace of mind.

Example of an affirmation

Suppose that you have to lead a football team today and the competition is very tough. You are an excellent player, and you can lead the team very well to win the game. However, just because of the prevailing stress, you lose hope and dedication and start sending signals to your mind that you can’t do it. As a result, your mind stops giving you the insights to lead your team effectively, and you fail to guide your team to win the game. The failure and shame will now make you more anxious and stressed for future games.

In contrast, if you tell your mind that you can do it, your mind will keep you motivated, dedicated, and full of energy to lead your team positively. As a result, the happiness of victory would help you lessen the stress level that you had before the start of the game. Thus, the use of positive affirmation would help you win the game and reduce your stress level.

How to Make Affirmations to Lessen Your Stress

Many people argue that they don’t make affirmations because they don’t know how to do it. As a result, they fail to manage their stress and ruin their mental peace. If you are also one of them and want to learn to make affirmations, it is simple. Just follow these few steps below and start making affirmations today to manage your stress.

  1. See yourself in a positive light.

The first step in making affirmations is to start thinking positively about yourself. Don’t take yourself for granted. Instead, value yourself and understand your real worth. Think about your good habits and idealize yourself as the best person. Never focus on your weaknesses but think about the characteristics of your good character.

  1. Feed positive thoughts to your mind.

The second step is to feed positive thoughts to your mind. Always tell your mind that you are an incredible person. Tell your mind that you are very capable and can easily do whatever you want to do. You must also tell your mind that you are happy with life and ready to take new challenges. Think about more good things you want in life and keep feeding them to your mind every day.

  1. Believe in your good thoughts and turn them into reality.

It is important that whatever you feed to your mind, you must believe in that. If you are telling your mind that you are a game-changer, you must prove it to yourself by taking action. When you believe in yourself, you’re confident to take actions to achieve your goals. When you reach these goals – or smaller milestones – then you relieve your stress and want to achieve more.

Affirmations play a significant role in our lives. They don’t only give us new hope to face everyday challenges with full courage but they also help in reducing our stress. Through reducing stress, they also play their role in making us feel good about ourselves which ultimately improves our mental wellbeing.

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