Benefits of Giving Up Dairy

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Benefits of Giving Up Dairy

If you have digestive issues, skin problems, or overall health and diet issues, you may have come to the realization that it could be from the large amount of dairy you consume. If you’re curious to learn more, here are a few benefits of giving up dairy.

Your Cancer Risk Drops Massively

Believe it or not, a benefit may be that you reduce your risk from cancer. Researchers in Europe have been able to predict cancer in patients, noting that adult women who drink more than a glass of milk a day increase their chances of getting ovarian cancer by more than half. That would be bad news for anyone, but it’s particular troubling for families that have a history of cancer. In men, instances of cancer increase by more than a 3rd, so if you or someone you know has a history of cancer in their family, then you might want to let them know their options. There are a variety of great milk replacements on the market that are delicious and marginally more expensive.

It Reduces Stress on Your Body

Researchers have linked milk to different forms of oxidative stress on tissues of the body. These minor issues won’t be a problem right away, but they can slowly erode your general health by laying the ground for the possibility of disease. Some figures suggest an increase in deaths as high as 13%. Currently it’s thought to because by a type of sugar found in the milk. These agitations of your system can cause flare ups of chronic diseases, like Crohn’s. Acidity and other pH issues can also cause aggravation that can even damage the DNA in cells, which can result in cancer.

Your Skin Might Clear Up

A lot of people have low level allergies to certain foods, and milk is among the most common food items to trigger such a muted response in people. Many people experience some form of dairy intolerance and shrug it off due to the benign nature of the symptoms. Few recognize that gas and bloating are signals that tell you something in your digestive process isn’t functioning properly, but some allergies can be confused for normal things like acne. For some, the presence of dairy can cause their skin to clog with excess fats that make you a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of acid producing bacteria. Cutting back or eliminating milk can reduce much of the appearance of the blemishes and allow your body to deal with fats more efficiently.

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