4 Alternatives for sugar intake

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4 Alternatives for sugar intake

Here you will find 4 alternatives for Sugar. When you are looking to reduce sugar from your normal diet, you might want to still have ways to sweeten up foods or drinks. While you shouldn’t rely on these to just eat the same way you did before, they can be good for a little treat or to have your morning cup of coffee. Here are some of the healthier alternatives for sugar. To combat pain


The first alternative for sugar is Stevia, which is one of the best alternative sweeteners you can get. Some people will refer to it as an artificial sweetener, but it is actually completely natural. This is extracted from the leaves of the stevia shrub, which grows primarily in South America. The leaves are naturally sweet, so it is a great option when you want to sweeten foods or drinks without using sugar. It typically comes in either powdered or liquid form, sometimes flavored.

Natural Sugars

Don’t forget that if you just want something for your sweet tooth without added sugars, you can always have fruit or vegetables. These contain natural sugars, so they are not considered bad for you. Your doctor might want you to keep within a certain amount of natural sugars each day, but for the most part, these are one of the best alternatives to sugar out there. Some of the sweeter fruits include strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas, and dates.


Another option is to use honey, but this is only good if you use it in low amounts and you are not trying to stick to a low-carb diet. Honey can sweeten drinks or foods with a much more natural resource that doesn’t have added sugars. Just remember to use only natural, organic, raw honey and not the bottled kind you get in your local supermarket. Look at the label to make sure it doesn’t have any added sugars. If you can get local honey, even better!

Maple Syrup

Your last option is to use maple syrup. It can sometimes be a little higher in calories, so use it sparingly. However, a little teaspoon added to your coffee or tea makes it sweeter without using sugar or preservatives. Like honey, you want to look for a more natural option and always check the label to make sure no added sugar is in it. Maple syrup is loaded with nutrients, so it’s really good for you as well.

Try these alternatives for sugar to help you get through the sugar detox and learn to live without added sugar.


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